sarah blair & mark ketterhagen

Indie Practice Co-Founders

Dr. Sarah Blair and Mark Ketterhagen created Indie Practices because they are passionate about the benefits of leading a private dental practice. Nothing against corporate dentistry, but they believe independent practice ownership can be a life-changing experience, hence the name, Indie Practices. Too often, they’ve seen practice owners struggle with the demands of managing a business and putting in countless hours without personal reward. They founded Indie Practices to show others the path to personal fulfillment and practice success.

Dr. Blair knows what it’s like to be drowning in debt, and take on more. She knows first-hand the challenges of running a small business and knows how to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that new business owners encounter. She knows how to make a practice thrive.

Mark Ketterhagen is an expert in leadership development and coaching. After earning a Master’s Degree in Educational Policy and Leadership from Marquette University, he coached organizational and school leaders of all levels and managed a leadership team and over 60 direct reports in a highly successful school. He knows the power of transformational leadership and the often untapped potential of leadership in dental practice management.

Mark Ketterhagen and Dr. Blair founded Indie Practices because they know how to transform a practice and career. They’re here to tell you, from experience, that it’s possible for you, too.

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Indie Practices was created to help emerging dentists find their path to independent practice ownership. With our guidance and six essential areas of focus, we can help you live your dream.

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