sarah blair & mark ketterhagen

Indie Practice Co-Founders

Dr. Sarah Blair, and her husband, Mark Ketterhagen Dr. Sarah Blair and Mark Ketterhagen created Indie Practices because they’ve been through the process of acquiring a struggling practice and managed to turn it into a successful one.

They know what it’s like to be drowning in debt, and take on more. They have first-hand experience making all the mistakes and hitting all the pitfalls that new business owners encounter. But most importantly, they’ve learned.

Through acquiring a practice, paying off $250,000 of debt, and transforming a new business, they have developed successful approaches to financial planning, and practice management, and leadership.

But it has been no accident. It’s the result of trial and error, belief in their plan and their goals, and striving to achieve the life they wanted instead of settling for what was easy. And they’re here to tell you, from experience, that it’s possible for you, too.

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Indie Practices was created to help emerging dentists find their path to independent practice ownership. With our guidance and six essential areas of focus, we can help you live your dream.

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We understand the fears that hold doctors back. But we also know how to navigate through the process. Let us show you what’s possible.

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