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We’ve identified six areas, or Six Essentials, that are the best places to focus your time and energy when you’re getting your practice off the ground. With these solutions, we guide you past pitfalls and through storms to get your practice to the right place.

financial goals

Taking on more debt is likely the last thing on your mind. But owning your own practice gives you the funds to pay off student debt faster.

practice acquisition

From scratch starts to acquisitions, our first and most important goal is to help you make the best decisions to secure your practice.

Leadership & Development

Leading a team might not come naturally to you, but we can help you to grow as a leader that your employees can respect and admire.

practice management

Establishing goals and creating and implementing systems is critical to the success of your practice. We help you create a plan that’s possible.

networking and resources

We show you how to foster relationships in the dental community and connect with the right resources to transform your practice.

clinical skills & tools

Perfecting your craft is an ongoing process. From expanding your skills to investing in equipment, we can help you decide what to pursue when.

are you ready?

We understand the fears that hold doctors back. But we also know how to navigate through the process. Let us show you what’s possible.

Find Your Path