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hire a great team

Understand your Practice Performance.

Our goal is to move each client to an elite level of leadership, practice management and profitability within 2 years.

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This is what
Your Leadership Journey
can look like.

Dr. Sarah Blair and Mark Ketterhagen are able to live their dream because they made their practice work for them — not the other way around.

Whatever your dream looks like, it’s our goal to help you achieve it. Let us show you how through our 3 Phase System.

We help you grow in

in 3 phases.

Phase One
Boost Profitability
Phase Two
Strengthen Foundation
Phase Three
Leadership Synergy

Increase your bottom line.

Improve financial and efficiency systems. 

The first step to boosting profitability is finding the cash that’s being left on the table. With a few adjustments, you can…

  • Increase collections 
  • Increase case acceptance 
  • Reduce overhead

Build a stronger practice.

Make strategic moves toward a solid foundation. 

Build a practice with a high-functioning team, streamlined services, and well-rounded marketing. Let’s focus on…

  • Team Structure 
  • Clinical Offerings
  • Networking & Promotion

Develop as a leader.

Collaborate and grow with other high-performing leaders.

Great leaders make organizational growth sustainable by distributing leadership. After achieving elite practice performance, we will help you continue to fine-tune your practice by…

  • Connecting with other leaders
  • Growing and equipping leaders within the practice
  • Applying transformational leadership lessons to your life


Dr. Charles Lau

"It's incredible to see how Indie Practices has been able to help us to achieve tremendous growth in just three short months. The decision to delegate to RDHs has allowed us to become more productive. This effort has clearly paid off, as evidenced by the impressive increase in average monthly production. Our coach's ability to analyze and effectively reduce overhead costs is also a remarkable achievement, as it has resulted in greater profits and improved financial stability. With a more manageable and selective new patient flow, our practice is now better equipped to provide high-quality care to our patients, while also maintaining its impressive growth trajectory. Overall, these accomplishments are a testament to the Indie Practices great coaching strategic vision, and our dedicated team.”

Dr. Christine Bruno

"Dr. Blair has guided many key decisions about my dental career and provided irreplaceable advice amidst the perfusion of information in the dental world. She has helped me to increase my case acceptance and patient satisfaction through small system changes to my practice. Her wealth of real world experience leads to a logical roadmap for dental success."

Dr. David Cheng

"Sarah has been an instrumental part in growing my practice. She keeps me accountable and contributes different ideas that will help drive the practice towards success. She has a good grasp of the office’s situation and helps solve the practice’s roadblocks. In essence, she is the extra set of eyes on my practice. Indie practices helped my personal growth in office management and HR management as well.

I’ve seen the improvement in collections, reduction in overhead, and ongoing ideas about bringing the office to the next level. Overall, there has been an increase in production month to month which I am happy about. I went with Indie Practices with no idea of what the outcome was going to be but knew I needed some consultation to keep myself in check; I am glad I made the right decision!"

Dr. Julia Young

"Thanks to Dr. Blair, I developed a greater appreciation for the limitless opportunities I have as a young dentist. She has inspired me from an early stage in my dental career and I continue to look to her for advice as I grow in my professional life. From daily clinical practice to office management, Dr. Blair has been an invaluable resource!"

Dr. Michelle Gionti

"Dr. Blair has been my mentor and coach for about 4 years and she has helped me with many aspects of dentistry from clinical questions to how to hire the right people. She has helped me make great decisions because she always keeps the future in mind while not forgetting about the present. I am not sure where I would be without her."

Dr. Mike Urbaitis

"Dr. Sarah Blair's level of expertise and professionalism are unmatched. She is knowledgeable in all areas of dentistry from patient care to day-to-day staff management to running a small business successfully. If you are a dentist wanting to improve your practice and overall quality of life, Dr. Blair is the one who can help you achieve your goals."

Dr. Nick Russo

"I started working with Dr. Sarah about 3 years ago and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and how she has helped me strengthen my practice. She has been able to give me the resources, tools and confidence to make positive changes in my practice that benefit not only me, but also my staff and my patients.

Since I started working with Sarah, we have implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy including social media, updating my website and internal referrals. Because of this, I now have a steady flow of new patients each month instead of the handful I was getting 3 years ago. My average monthly production has increased 67% and my collections have doubled from the first months of working together!"

What to expect from

Indie Practices

Personalized coaching from Sarah Blair, DDS and Mark Ketterhagen, M.Ed, the Indie Practices cofounders

Coaching sessions built around effective teaching and learning through practice

Regular text check-ins to help you take on everyday challenges  

Resources customized for you so you can focus on leading your team

Explore affordable coaching options for every need.

Coaching Partnership

You’ll receive personalized coaching from our cofounders. We meet with clients online to respect their time and space. We will monitor your most important stats, leadership development, and practice needs. You’ll always have direct access to your coaches via text and email. We don’t believe in contracts but recommend an initial 6-month commitment.

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Leadership Therapy

Have a short-term challenge you’d like to get some support on? We are happy to set up a meeting to hear your concerns, brainstorm solutions, and put action steps in place.

Team Trainings

We’ll work directly with your team to provide training on any area of need, including:

  • New patient phone skills 
  • Scheduling techniques 
  • Collections & AR management 
  • Case acceptance

Every practice should be able to afford coaching. Book some time with us and we'll give you a custom quote.

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Follow along with Sarah and Mark.

The Leadership Journey

One of the core beliefs we hold at Indie Practices is that transformational leadership is deeply powerful. Developing strong leadership skills not only impacts how a team operates and the success the team ultimately achieves
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