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How to work with your team to build a schedule for a better and more productive day!

Dropping Insurance

Transitioning away from insurance contracts can seem like a massive undertaking. Take it on in our three phases to make it manageable.


Improve your financial collection system with these six critical steps.

Case Acceptance

Use our CARE system with your team to improve case acceptance!

Leading Team Meetings

Stop leading boring and ineffective meetings! Your team will thank you.

Mission & Values

Your mission and values should do more than hang on the wall--they should serve as a compass to guide your team's actions!

New Patient Phone Calls

Improve your new patient phone call systems!

Accountability Conversations

Have better (and less intimidating) accountability conversations with your team members!


Use daily huddles to make your days flow more smoothly!

Internal Reviews and Referrals

Improve internal systems to generate patient reviews and referrals!

Job Descriptions

Write better job descriptions and actually use them to create clarity and help your team grow!

Reducing Cancellations

Our 5-step guide to help you reduce appointment cancellations.

1:1 Meetings

Learn to lead 1:1 meetings with your team members that will be culture and performance game-changers.